Year 2017
Pieces 10+1

collaborators: Camal Pirbhai and Camille Turner
Photography in light boxes 48″x72″
A video performance at Dundas Square

Re purposing 18th century fugitive slave ads printed in Canada, the collection re-conceptualizes the outfits described and worn by the individuals resisting enslavement. Exploring a vision of the future rooted in history, these politically and socially-charged pieces affect the constructed agendas and narratives of governments and institutions.

Video of Tracy Moore from her roll in “Unnamed woman” (Wanted series) played atop the Toronto Eaton Center on the largest video billboards in the country, over 145,000 circulate this intersection everyday. For three months this video played on a loop amongstĀ  the various advertisements of fashion and pop culture. While the Canadian narrative attempts to make the story of enslaved peoples invisible, this installation reclaimed that power through high-visibility and the encouragement of discourse.