Master of the Craft of Soft Furnishings

Designing exclusive collections for some of the most prestigious architects and interior designers across Canada and abroad, Studio La Beaute has earned a reputation for mastery and success in design, craftsmanship and service.

Studio La Beaute designs, creates and installs bespoke soft furnishings that bring atmospheric balance and elegance to living space.

More than just measurements are required to achieve the nuances of artistry we commit to. Scrupulous standards at every stage of the design process enable us to create the extraordinary and consistently exceed the cultivated tastes and luxury aspirations of our clients.

Crafting by hand

Sewing by hand allows for meticulous attention to detail and lends a distinct functional advantage in the refined subtleties of embroidery, soutache and trapunto, as well as the delicate hemming required for a leading edge or Roman blind.

The finest quality

Our boundless library of samples showcases innovative applications and techniques developed over many years of bespoke design. There are no limits to our constantly diversifying and evolving collection.

Experts in material functionality

Fold, drape and weight are delicate details to consider when finishing complex shapes and architectural proportions.

Style sui generis

Whether its bold concepts or classic elegance, we orchestrate the textures, proportions, patterns and dimensions that are integral in presenting the authentic expression of a finished space.

Traditional technique, timeless design

Experimenting with the evolving contexts of contemporary style while adhering to the exacting standards and traditional techniques of this skilled craft.

Unparalleled leadership

Apprenticed at the source of this skilled trade in London, Camal Pirbhai has been designing couture curtains since 1994. His unique talent is present in every aspect of Studio La Beaute’s projects. From consultation, curtain design and hand crafting, hardware design and fabrication, through to installation, working with a design-led curtain making specialist will transform your appreciation for this integral finishing touch.