Beyond Design – Artistic Conceptual Works

A lifelong artistic creator, Camal Pirbhai’s conceptual works entered the public realm in 2008. Somewhere between the boundaries of textile design and the contemporary art world, Camal’s first personal collections consisted of couture details and sculpture that showcased his penchant for sewing and its incorporation in fine artistry.

Perpetually eager to express his vision outside of the design industry, Camal’s artistic fervor has moved beyond rigid definitions and speaks far beyond his craft. As an artist, Camal channels his sensitivities into the concentrated visions of his collaborators and private commissioners.

With the intent of evoking inquisition while adamantly respecting a place for beauty and opulence, much of Camal’s work explores the themes of layers and touch.

Layers inspire more than just the splendor found in creating pieces of beauty. On the simplest level of viewership, his works are purposefully elegant and attention-grabbing. The exquisiteness of his pieces is not taken lightly, but they are not intended to catch magpies. Beyond the material attractiveness of his work lies layers of complicated subject matter that reveal political, social and personal principles which arouse curiosity and query the viewer.  Camal’s consistent drive to break boundaries has led him to more deeply explore the limits between art and audience. Camal inspires the viewer to engage with his work in a way that they have been regulated not to – inviting them to experience the mutually inclusive relationship between touch, discovery and the true essence of art.

The thematic references of Camal’s artistry continually evolve with his personal experiences and through his work with other artists and commissioners. Camal’s future artistic interest comprises both developing art for private commissions and engaging unsuspected audiences through public art pieces.

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